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Name of scholarship/program

Europe : Erasmus Mundus Masters in Food Identity

Important description
The minimum entrance requirement to join this course is a three-year higher education degree in a scientific subject.
It can be a Bachelor of Science, a master’s degree in the food industry sector, or any equivalent diploma from a Higher Education Institution.
Particular interest for this sector of activity. Candidates shall also demonstrate their interest in the food sector, and more particularly thier interest for specific, traditional and localfood products.
For those candidates currently working and wishing to obtain a Master’s degree through continuing education, the academic committee will examine the selection criteria on an individual basis.

Language skills
A good command of English and French is required. Official certificates of proficiency in both languages should be provided by June 30 (except for native speakers).
English: the minimum required score is TOEFL 470, TOEIC 550, or equivalent.
French: the minimum required score is TEF 541, TFI 550, or equivalent.
A good command of another language — particularly one from a partner institution — will be considered a plus.
Note that you keep the possibility to answer the tests in English during the semesters in France.

Eligibility and other criteria

Application deadline
Varies. Please, see the website http://olage.groupe-esa.com/

Additional information, and important URL

Refresher language courses are available before the beginning of the Food Identity Master course. A placement in a French familly in rural zone is also possible during the summer. Then, the students attend a course in French as a foreign language during the first two weeks of September. Following on from that, a tailored six-week refresher course in French as a foreign language, focusing on specialist vocabulary related to the food industry, marketing and sociology, is also available.
The online application website (OLAGE) here:
for application deadlines, please consult info on OLAGE website.

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