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Postdoctoral Research Associate: Mucus Permeating Nanoparticulate Drug Delivery Systems [Alexander] University of Greenwich

Important description
We are seeking a highly motivated, enthusiastic and committed post-doctoral research associate with a keen interest in working in an interdisciplinary environment to participate in an FP7 funded project (known as Alexander) that sponsors 16 diverse groups across Europe.

Delivery of macromolecular drugs (e.g., proteins, peptides, DNA-based drugs, etc.) through the mucosal barrier is extremely challenging. Any nanoscale delivery system optimized to penetrate the mucus gel layer should ideally show enhanced permeation rates, sustained drug release profiles yet simultaneously, sufficient protection towards enzymatic degradation of the macromolecular drugs in order to achieve an increased drug bioavailability. Alexander brings together a consortium of synthetic chemists, physical chemists, pharmacists and biologists to develop truly innovative multi-modal solid and liquid particle based nanoscale delivery systems.

You will be based in the research group of Prof. Peter Griffiths and will be involved in the development and application of NMR and scattering/reflection (neutrons & X-rays) techniques to characterize the solution conformation of various polymers and the particles derived from them, and quantify their interaction with mucus gels and related extracellular materials. During the project, you will be expected to collaborate extensively with the other members of the wider consortium and provide some administrative support associated with the involvement of the University of Greenwich in these activities (webpage maintenance, organising of meetings etc).

Candidates must have a PhD or equivalent degree, significant experience of physical chemistry in an applied context, and an appreciation of the biological or pharmaceutical sciences would be a distinct advantage. You will be conversant with scattering and NMR methodologies applied to soft matter, and be fully computer literate. Fluency in a European language or experience of living/working in Europe would be highly desirable, coupled with a willingness to travel, given the European nature of the project.

Salary: (AC1) £24,520 - £29,249 per annum

Eligibility and other criteria

Application deadline
*10 December 2012

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