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TIGP-Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences Program (MBAS)

Important description
About TIGP-Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences Program (MBAS)

Taiwan's academic interest in agricultural sciences began in earnest about 40 years ago with a breeding program in Taiwan's local rice varieties. Since then, various life science research institutes have worked on a wide variety of agricultural projects including crop plant improvement, aquaculture, and others. At Academia Sinica, the Agricultural Biotechnology Research Center, the Institute of Plant and Microbial Biology, the Institute of Cellular and Organismic Biology, and the Institute of Molecular Biology have, to varying degrees, developed research projects and graduate programs to address specific issues in specialized areas of agricultural biology.

The Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) in Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences (MBAS) was founded by Academia Sinica in 2003, and is an interdisciplinary program that works in close partnership with the National Chung Hsing University (NCHU). This program has built a research and learning environment that inspires young graduate students to engage in innovative bio-agriculture studies. From the outset, the intention of this program has been to train students to employ multi-disciplinary approaches to address specific and important questions in biotechnology and develop emerging technologies or experimental systems that can contribute to future agricultural biotechnology research and development.

Fellowship and Stipend
TIGP provides fellowship support of NT$34,000 (about US$1060) per month for all graduate students during the first year of their enrollment. The support will be extended for another two years upon evidence of satisfactory progress towards the degree. In subsequent years, the financial support will be provided by the student_s thesis advisor. The amount of the support will be at the discretion of the advisor.

Eligibility and other criteria
Admission Requirements:
The minimum graduate admission requirements are: (1) a bachelor's degree or an equivalent from an accredited institution; (2) evidence of adequate undergraduate training in the biological sciences, or related field; and (3) a satisfactory grade point average (GPA), usually a minimum of 3.0 (A=4.0).
1.Academic Records and Degree Certificates:
Applicants are required to submit official records and
certificates from each academic institution attended after senior high school. Official records must either be the original documents issued by the institution, which bear the original stamp or seal of the issuing institution and the signature or signature stamp of the appropriate authorizing official, or duplicate copies that are certified by a university officer.

The records must be issued in the original language and accompanied by English translations prepared by the issuing institution. If English translations are not available from the institutions issuing your records, you may have a translation prepared by a government translator or an official translator. They must state that this is a complete and exact word-for-word translation of the original. The translator's statement should be prepared on the letterhead of the translator's institution. Translators must sign their statements in ink and indicate their title. If possible, translators should also use the stamp or seal of their institution.

Academic records must show the dates of your enrollment, all subjects or courses taken, units, credits per hour, and grades earned in each subject. If rank is determined by the results of comprehensive examinations, records should show the examination date and your scores, rank, class, and division. All records must include a complete description of institutional grading scales or other standards of evaluation with maximum grades and minimum marks indicated. If official academic records issued by your institution do not list the courses or subjects studied in preparation for comprehensive examinations or identify the topics on which you were examined, you should prepare two copies of course descriptions or lists of lectures, seminars, or laboratory periods attended during the academic year. Wherever possible you should include hours per week devoted to each subject and marks earned in that subject. A university officer or the supervisor of your studies should certify that such course descriptions or lists are complete and accurate.

2.Statement of Purpose or Research Plan:
A brief statement of the applicants scientific and
professional interests and objectives, as well as the applicants career goals are essential elements in the statement. Report the applicants results on any research in progress, if applicable. This statement must be written in English by the applicant, and should not exceed 2 pages.

3.Letters of Recommendation:
At least three letters of recommendation are required.
Letters should be submitted in sealed envelopes with signatures of the reference across the seal.

4.English Proficiency Requirement:
Students from non-English-speaking countries are
expected to read, write, comprehend, and speak English in order to be admitted for graduate study. Applicants whose first or native language is not English are required to take a test of English proficiency as part of the application procedure. One of the following language test scores must be provided for application. Please note that test scores submitted must be taken within the past two years. Applicants should ensure that the test score(s) be sent to the TIGP Admissions Office prior to the application deadline.
Although the English proficiency requirement for admission may vary in respective programs, the recommended requirements are as follows:
(1)TOEFL: A total score of 79 on internet-based (TOEFL- iBT ), 213 on computer- based TOEFL or 550 on paper-based TOEFL is strongly recommended as the minimum admission requirement for all programs. Please note that institutional TOEFL will not be accepted, only ETS International TOEFL will be accepted.
(2)IELTS: A minimum overall Band Score of 5.5 on the Academic Test of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) taken within the past two years is required.
(3)GEPT: In addition to TOEFL and IELTS, applicants in Taiwan may take the General English Proficiency Test (GEPT), administered by the Language Training and Testing Center. Under this option, applicants must submit their high-intermediate level certificate with the application.
* Exemption from the English proficiency requirement
The test of English proficiency can be exempted for applicants graduated from universities where English is the primary language of instruction with at least two years duration of study, if the applicants provide an official certification issued by the Office of Registrar.
5.The Graduate Record Examination (GRE):
All applicants are strongly encouraged to submit GREs
General Test scores to be evaluated for admission. An advanced Subject Test in biochemistry, chemistry, biology, cell and molecular biology, or physics is also highly recommended.
6.Applicants published paper(s) will be useful for admission.
Admission will be executed in two rounds. For the first round of admission, the application deadline will be on January 31st every year for further consideration. The second deadline for all applications will be on March 31st every year and the final decision to all applicants will be made and formally announced in June.

Application deadline
* March 31, 2017

Additional information, and important URL

The Program admits students to the fall semester only.

You are most welcomed to apply on-line through our online application portal ( http://db1x.sinica.edu.tw/tigp/ ). No application fee is required.

For more information regarding Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences Program, please visit MBAS website at: http://abrc.sinica.edu.tw/mbas/

To check out all interdisciplinary PhD programs offered in TIGP, please visit TIGP website at: http://tigp.sinica.edu.tw/

Addional information may be obtained be sending an email to tigp@gate.sinica.edu.tw

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