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Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP)

Important description
From Good to Excellent: An exceptional opportunity to pursue a PhD in Taiwan

Looking for an exceptional PhD program to accelerate your academic career? Academia Sinica, the preeminent research institution in Taiwan, announces that its Taiwan International Graduate Program (TIGP) 2016 fall semester is now open for applications.

TIGP, established with the support of Academia Sinica in 2002, offers highly specialized and interdisciplinary PhD programs in the domains of cutting-edge technologies and science. The Program offers an all-English instruction and research environment, world-class faculty and state-of-the-art facilities. Also, TIGP offers students various benefits, including a monthly stipend of NT$34,000 for up to 36 months, free Mandarin language courses at the entry level and a convenient fully-furnished dormitory for first year students. Furthermore, through Academia Sinica's substantial connections with first-rate institutions around the world, the TIGP is able to make arrangements for students to visit and conduct research in renowned laboratories. Twelve (12) interdisciplinary programs, in cooperation with 10 top domestic universities, are open for application for the 2016 fall semester. These interdisciplinary programs include: Chemical Biology and Molecular Biophysics, Molecular Science and Technology, Molecular and Biological Agricultural Sciences, Molecular and Cell Biology, Bioinformatics, Nano Science and Technology, Molecular Medicine, Earth System Science,Biodiversity, Interdisciplinary Neuroscience, Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology, and Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing. The application deadline is the 31st of March, 2016, and no application fee is required.

TIGP reflects the enthusiasm and commitment of Academia Sinica to facilitate academic advancement of science and technology. During the current academic year, there are 501 students from 45 countries, making TIGP a truly international community. Every year, many students publish research papers in top scholarly journals and many alumni go on to take up positions in world-renowned institutions. To date, a total of 216 students have completed the TIGP program's rigorous requirements and have obtained PhD degrees.

About TIGP
TIGP, which was founded in 2002, is a joint-effort of Academia Sinica and leading research universities in Taiwan. TIGP integrates first-class facilities with outstanding faculty to offer interdisciplinary PhD programs across a wide range of disciplines. All courses are conducted in English. After completing the graduation requirements, students receive certificates from Academia Sinica and diplomas from the partner universities, which are all top academic universities in Taiwan.

About Academia Sinica
Funded by the Taiwan government, Academia Sinica is a leading research institution with a proud tradition and international recognition. Since its inception in 1928, Academia Sinica has established outstanding academic records in the domains of physical sciences, life sciences, social sciences and the humanities. Academia Sinica's record of excellence has been widely recognized by many international academic institutions around the world.

Eligibility and other criteria
Please, refer to the specific program you wish to apply for.

Application deadline
* March 31, 2016

Additional information, and important URL

Apply online for TIGP before March 31, 2016 via the TIGP online system http://db1x.sinica.edu.tw/tigp/index.php .

For any questions, please visit the TIGP official website ( http://tigp.sinica.edu.tw/ ) or contact the TIGP Admission Office at: tigp@gate.sinica.edu.tw

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