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TIGP-Biodiversity Program (BIODIV)

Important description
About TIGP-Biodiversity Program

Over the past two centuries, global industrialization and the explosive growth of the human population have greatly accelerated extinction of the Earth?s species. This rapid decline in biological diversity is a great threat to the continuing survival of the species that remain, including humans, because it disturbs the balance of ecosystems. Biomedical and agricultural sciences also rely on natural products, successful exploitation and management of biodiversity is directly linked to human welfare. There are a great number of government agencies and non-governmental organizations devoted to raising public awareness and improving policy on biodiversity. Society has a pressing need to increase the supply of well-trained scientists in relevant fields who can work on these issues.

The TIGP Biodiversity Program offers a unique opportunity for aspiring young scientists to receive multidisciplinary training. The diverse ecosystems and the large number of endemic species in Taiwan are invaluable resources for the study of biodiversity. In addition, the strong research teams in Academia Sinica and National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) provide students with a broad range of expertise in areas such as ecology, evolution, genetics, statistics, and socio-economics. We expect our graduates to contribute to basic research that improves our understanding of biological diversity in Taiwan and the surrounding areas, and ultimately, to influence public policies for the conservation and sustainability of biological resources.

Fellowship and Stipend

TIGP provides fellowship support of NT$34,000 (about over US$1000) per month for all graduate students during the first year of their enrollment. The support will be extended for another two years upon evidence of satisfactory progress towards the degree. In subsequent years, the financial support will be provided by the student?s thesis advisor. The amount of the support will be at the discretion of the advisor.

Eligibility and other criteria
Students with a B.S. or M.S. degree from an accredited institution will be considered for admission. The following criteria/material will be used to evaluate the applicant's qualifications for admission:

1. Bachelor's Degree and/or Master's Degree
2. English Proficiency Test Score: TOEFL, IELTS or GEPT (for local applicants) scores
3. GRE Score (optional)
4. Undergraduate and/or Graduate Academic Transcripts
5. Three Letters of Recommendation
6. Statement of Purpose
7. Supporting Documents (ex. publications, original papers)

Application deadline
* March 31, 2016

Additional information, and important URL

The Program admits students to the fall semester only.

You are most welcomed to apply on-line through our online application portal ( http://db1x.sinica.edu.tw/tigp/ ). No application fee is required.

For more information regarding Biodiversity Program (BIODIV), please visit the program's website at: http://biodiv.sinica.edu.tw/TIGP-BP/

To check out all interdisciplinary PhD programs offered in TIGP, please visit TIGP website at: http://tigp.sinica.edu.tw/

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