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Name of scholarship/program

PhD Studentship in Partnership with the Energy Technologies Institute

Important description
The technologies of digital identity and personal data raise some of the most profound technical and social challenges facing our digital society today. Our digital identities will define the interfaces to the future digital services that we will use for entertainment, wellbeing, government, transport, energy, retail and finance. They will be constructed from our personal data, digital records that capture who we are and the histories of our digital, and increasingly our physical, interactions.

The Horizon Centre for Doctoral Training in My Life in Data will therefore train a community of PhD students with the interdisciplinary skills to address the challenge of digital identity and personal data for the 21st century.

We are recruiting one PhD student to carry out research in partnership with the Energy Technologies Institute with a focus on Smart home energy and comfort management.

Advances in low cost sensors and in smart systems design brings the opportunity to develop systems that respond to personal energy profiles, reflecting peoples presence, behaviour and their preferences; for example regarding indoor thermal comfort. They also provide for the opportunity to control these systems remotely. This project will investigate the effectiveness of a new smart home energy management system in learning peoples'S behaviours, in reducing energy use and associated carbon emissions and in improving comfort and health. Also addressed will be potential additional uses for the acquired data, the ownership of it and the privacy of the households that it relates to.

With a passion for discovery and a commitment to improving upon sustainability, health and wellbeing, you will have or be about to obtain a first class (or high upper-second) undergraduate degree and/or a distinction (or high merit) at MSc level in either: a) the physical or computational sciences (physics, mathematics, computer science or engineering) or a cognate discipline; b) the social or psychological sciences (sociology or psychology) or a cognate discipline.

Candidates from the former background will have a technical focus (the effectiveness of the underlying algorithms, interfaces to them and means for improving them), whereas those from the latter background will have a social focus (users' patterns of behaviour and the systems' ability to detect and interpret these behaviours in order to meet users' expectations; also proposing and testing means for improvement). Candidates from either background will develop skills at the interface between people and systems of increasing academic and economic importance.

The student will benefit from:

A fully-funded four-year PhD programme that integrates a leading-edge research project with research training in interdisciplinary skills.
At least one internship with our partner.
An enhanced stipend of GbP 16,200 per annum as well as a personal laptop.

Eligibility and other criteria
Local and international students may apply

Application deadline
* June 8, 2015

Additional information, and important URL

We have funding for UK/Home, EU and international students.

Download application form from http://www.horizon.ac.uk/Current-Opportunities and return by email with a CV, transcripts, references and personal statement to Emma.Juggins@Nottingham.ac.uk. Please quote SCI/1468.

Shortlisting date: 22 June 2015

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