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Name of scholarship/program

Ph.D. position in Computer Graphics within the EU ITN project モDistributed 3D Object Designヤ (DISTRO)

Important description
We are seeking a highly motivated and creative student to work on the EU-funded project モDistributed 3D Object Designヤ (DISTRO). Candidates should hold a Masterメs degree in Computer Science, Mathematics, or Physics and have a solid background in computer graphics. Excellent programming skills in C++ and fluent communication skills in English are essential.

About the Project: DISTRO is an Innovative Training Network (ITN) focused on the distributed capture, editing, and fabrication of objects ? from the real world to digital and back again. The project goal is to enable users to casually capture objects, which can then be easily shared on the Web, customised in simple ways, and physically replicated elsewhere. The research topics tackled within the project include geometry and material capture, collaborative editing, rendering and physical fabrication.

This exciting collaborative project is coordinated by University College London (UK), and the academic partners include some of the most renowned research institutions in Europe: ETH Zurich (CH), DFKI (DE), MPI Informatik (DE), Saarland University (DE), IST Austria (AT), Napier University (UK) as well as Charles University in Prague (CZ). There are also numerous industry partners involved in the project: Studio Gobo Ltd (UK), NVIDIA Research (US/FI), Disney Research (US/CH/UK), The Foundry (UK), Allegorithmic (FR), and Evolute (AT).

Each of the project partners contributes world-class competence in a particular area, and the core research contribution of Charles University is in the area of Computer Graphics, specifically realistic rendering and material appearance modelling.

Description of the Offered Position: Charles University offers a fully paid Ph.D. position for 36 months (paid by the EU), with the possibility to later extend the time in Prague by one more year (paid by national funding). Apart from the research work itself, the studentメs participation in the project will involve tight collaboration with project partners and frequent visits to the involved labs, active participation at the annual network events, as well as training in complementary skills such as research management. The student will be part of the Computer Graphics Group of Charles University, see http://cgg.mff.cuni.cz/ .

Research topic: The objective of the work is to develop a rendering solution with the ability to reliably predict the visual appearance of objects before their physical fabrication, and to design a scalable and expressive material appearance model that can be consistently used across different rendering technologies, and that yields results that are as close as possible for each of them.

Salary: Pay is according to standardised EU rules for ITN grants, which at current exchange rates leads to a net salary of about 54000 CZK (approx. 2000 EUR) monthly. This is almost triple the national average salary in the Czech Republic, and allows for a comfortable lifestyle in Prague: see http://lp.expats.cz/prague-relocation/ for some local price references. For applicants with a family, there is an additional yearly net allowance of 3000 EUR.

Application: Inquiries should be directed to Jaroslav K?iv�nek (jaroslav.krivanek@mff.cuni.cz) and/or Alexander Wilkie (alexander.wilkie@mff.cuni.cz). Applications have to be submitted via e-mail to the department secretariat (zizkova@ksvi.mff.cuni.cz) until January 25th with the acronym DISTRO in the subject line. The following information has to be attached in a separate PDF file:
1. a CV with a list of publications and/or projects,
2. evidence, such as a scan of the diploma, of having obtained a degree that qualifies the applicant for Ph.D. enrolment,
3. an official transcript of grades obtained during the applicantメs bachelor and master studies,
4. a personal statement (up to 2 pages) about the applicantsメ experience, interests and career goals,
5. and names and contact information of three people who could write a letter of recommendation.

Eligibility and other criteria
Local and international students may apply

Application deadline
* February 28, 2015

Additional information, and important URL

Eligibility for Hiring: In addition to meeting the formal Ph.D. study enrolment criteria at Charles University (possession of a Masterメs degree in a relevant area of study), candidates must also fulfil the モmobility requirementヤ imposed by the EU for ITN networks. Which means that they must not have worked or resided in the Czech Republic for more than 12 months during the three years prior to them joining the project.

J. K?iv�nek et al., Unifying points, beams, and paths in volumetric light transport simulation, SIGGRAPH 2014.

T. Davidovi? et al., Progressive Light Transport Simulation on the GPU: Survey and Improvements, SIGGRAPH 2014.

A. Wilkie et al., Hero Wavelength Spectral Sampling, EGSR 2014.

I. Georgiev et al., Light Transport Simulation with Vertex Connection and Merging, SIGGRAPH Asia 2012.

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