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The molecular basis of substrate recognition by ubiquitin ligases

Important description
E3 ubiquitin ligases facilitate the final step in the transfer of ubiquitin to a substrate. In doing so, they coordinate an E2 partner enzyme with the substrate. The molecular details of this coordination are not yet understood on a molecular level. Using a subset of medically important E3 ligases involved in Fanconi Anemia and Parkinsonメs disease, this project entails the use of structural biology, biochemical assays and biophysical characterisation to determine the molecular basis of substrate recognition by ubiquitin ligases.

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Local and international students may apply

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* Applications accepted all year round

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We offer 3.5-year studentships in which you would join a particular lab in the Unit. However, we strongly encourage prospective students to become part of the 4-year PhD programme in which you carry out rotation projects in two labs within the Unit ( http://www.ppu.mrc.ac.uk/studentships/phd_projects.php#p7 ). This studentship is jointly funded by the Medical Research Council and the University of Dundee and carries a tax-free stipend of ᆪ20,000 per annum

Please send a CV with contact details of three referees to mrcppu-phd-admin@dundee.ac.uk, and also include a covering letter indicating which research labs you would like to work in.

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MRC 3.5 or 4 year (includes 2 x 4.5 months of rotation projects) studentship

There is no deadline for MRC funded PhD applications

Note that applicants will only be contacted if invited for interview.

Professor John Rouse is in charge of student recruitment. He is assisted by Rachel Naismith.


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