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Name of scholarship/program

9 PhD Positions: Extraction of unstructured information related to gene regulatory interactions in human pathogenic fungi from biological research papers

Important description
The Jena School for Microbial Communication (JSMC) is funded by the German Excellence Initiative. JSMC is an ambitious Graduate School with over 150 doctoral researchers who are educated in a structured, interdisciplinary training program based on top-level fundamental research. It conceptionally combines different research areas to a comprehensive picture of microbial communication (www.jsmc.uni-jena.de). Institutes at five faculties of the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, six non-university research institutes as well as 12 partner companies are participating in this cutting-edge research and training program. We offer: · a highly communicative atmosphere within a scientific network providing top-level research facilities a doctoral researcher position (TV-L E13, 65%) funded for three years based on the regulations of the German Research Foundation as well as generous research funding a comprehensive mentoring program with supervision by a team of advisors a top-level PhD training program with courses in state-of-the-art research technologies and soft skills · Jena – the German City of Science 2008: a young and lively town with dynamic business activities, successful scientific centers of innovation and a vibrant cultural scene around the famous Friedrich Schiller University Friedrich Schiller University Jena is an equal opportunity employer. The application procedure takes place exclusively online via the JSMC website: www.jsmc.uni-jena.de

Eligibility and other criteria
We expect: a Master’s degree (or equivalent) in Natural or Life Sciences (e.g., Biology, Chemistry, Bioinformatics, Geosciences, Biomedical Sciences, Biotechnology, etc.). Candidates about to obtain their degree are welcome to apply high motivation and interest in joining one of the interdisciplinary research areas of the JSMC creativity and interest in shaping your own thesis project an integrative and cooperative personality with enthusiasm for actively participating in the lively JSMC Community very good communication skills in English (the language of instruction at the JSMC)

Application deadline
* March 31, 2014

Additional information, and important URL

Please acquaint yourself with the open PhD projects and the application process described on this website. Selected applicants will be invited to the JSMC Recruitment Meeting in Jena, Germany, on June 16-18, 2014. Awarding decisions will be made shortly thereafter, allowing the projects to start immediately. http://www.jsmc.uni-jena.de/phd-program/fellowship-application/advertisement/ http://www.jsmc.uni-jena.de/phd-program/fellowship-application/online-application-portal/

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