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8 PhD Positions in Risk and Emergency Management: Applications Open

Important description
The 2014/2015 edition of the Risk and Emergency Management (REM) curriculum of the PhD Programme in Understanding and Managing Extremes (UME) is being offered by the UME Graduate School of the IUSS Pavia to train graduates and professionals in the assessment, mitigation and management of extreme events, with a particular focus on those arising from natural hazards. The unique characteristics of the programme include the broad, interdisciplinary curriculum that includes topics of statistics and probability, law, economics, resource management, natural hazards and risk, finance, insurance, sociology, communication, psychology, public health and medicine, and the innovative teaching structure which allows renowned lecturers from around the world to make up the teaching body. Applications are currently open, with a deadline of 11th April 2014, and 8 scholarships are available for the highest ranking applicants. Full details of the programme, as well as the application procedure and scholarship opportunities, can be found at www.umeschool.it/rem/applications/.

Eligibility and other criteria
The minimum requirement to apply for the REM Programme is a University Degree, preferably in Engineering, Geophysics, Physics, Economics or similar. Professional experience in risk assessment, mitigation or management will be favourably evaluated. Admission to the programme depends on academic qualifications, past professional experience, reference letters and English proficiency, all of which should be included in the online submission procedure described above. During the online application procedure the applicant will also be asked to indicate the name and email address of three referees. The online system will automatically contact these referees in order to obtain the reference letters. The applicant may enter the system at any time before the submission of the application to check whether the reference letters have been submitted or not. Note that the degree certificate(s) should explicitly indicate attended modules and grades obtained. If the documents are not written in English, a translation of their contents is requested. With respect to English proficiency, applicants are asked to submit any documents attesting that they possess adequate proficiency of English language. Such documents may consist of: a score of at least 88 (internet-based exam), 230 (computer-based exam), 570 (paper-based exam) in the TOEFL test; a score of 6 or more obtained with IELTS; a degree obtained in an English speaking environment; other test scores that may be regarded as equivalent to those listed above. When required, the applicant, or the indicated referees, may be contacted with a view to obtain further information. As a general rule, MSc applicants will not be interviewed. If an applicant is admitted to the programme, he/she will be asked to send original copies of the aforementioned documents to the IUSS Graduate Office by post.

Application deadline
* April 11, 2014

Additional information, and important URL

Apart from the small regional tax (“diritto allo studio“) no participation fees are foreseen for the UME doctoral programme. In addition, candidates admitted to the UME School are generally awarded a doctoral scholarship worth about 1,000 Euro net per month. The duration of the scholarship is 36 months and can be increased by up to 50% during periods abroad. The scholarship is sufficient for covering all general living and accommodation expenses. Such PhD bursaries, which render Doctoral studies at UME effectively cost-free, are made available by the IUSS and the EUCENTRE. http://www.umeschool.it/rem/applications/ secretariat@umeschool.it

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