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Leadershipgraphy Essay Competition

Important description
The first LeadershipGraphy Essay Competition (hereafter, ""the competition"") is now on. LeadershipGraphy encourages youth to think and write about leadership, and develop stratergies for making our societies better. Six winners will receive prizes at the end of this competition. First prize winner will be awarded 500 USD, 2nd prize winner will be awarded 300 USD, and 3rd prize winner 200 USD. Authors of the next three best (i.e. 4th to 6th best) essays will be awarded some consolation prizes.

To enter for the competition, simply submit your essay through our website (or by email to compete@LeadershipGraphy.Org) after reading the rules below. Contestants will be able to submit essays in any of these languages: English, French, and Chinese. All submitted essays would undergo double blind review to avoid bias. There will be three main winners, and three winners of consolation prizes. The schedule of the competition is summarized below. Please, kindly pay attention to the details. If you require further details/explicit information about the competition, feel free to email us ( support@leadershipgraphy.org ).

Eligibility and other criteria
Entering for LeadershipGraphy Essay Competition implies that
you agree with Policies and Scopes ( http://leadershipgraphy.org/policiesandscopes ) of LeadershipGraphy, which include (but not limited to) avoiding abusive sentences against people, governments, and/or establishments.
any manuscript you submit automatically, immediately, and permanently becomes a property of LeadershipGraphy, but that you are however responsible for any impact the manuscript (or the article produced from it) causes, be it positive or negative. Any credit or blame it receives will automatically go to you as your name will be published with it.
the manuscript you submit may be slightly modified by LeadershipGraphy, with or without you explicit and/or written permission.
you agree and accept that the final decisions and selection of winners are eventually made by LeadershipGraphy and you will accept (by all means) whatever the final decision is.
you agree and accept that LeadershipGraphy may, without prior notification, modify, add, or remove from these and other rules, policies, scopes, and/or conditions of this contest and/or other LeadershipGraphy's activities/features.

Application deadline
* February 15, 2014

Additional information, and important URL

The competition is targeted at encouraging people (especially youths) to critically think about the ""current state of the world,"" and consider how things could be made better. It is understood that the phrase ""current state of the world"" is non-specific and can be very wide in scope. This is intentional (1) because good leaders would need to be able to competently handle diverse situations; and (2) because we hope to accommodate essays on diverse topics. Therefore, any contestant (i.e. an author) in this competition may choose any scenario or event in the world that (s)he finds most interesting, most challenging, or that (s)he believes requires considerable attention from leaders.

It is highly recommended (but not required) that each essay has sections (especially ABSTRACT, BACKGROUND/INTRODUCTION, WAY FORWARD FOR FUTURE LEADERS, etc.) and subsections (if necessary/appropriate).

ABSTRACT: The abstract should contain a general overview of the entire essay/article. That is, it would summarize the most important parts of the entire article, and should be capable of standing alone. The abstract may not exceed 250 words.
BACKGROUND/INTRODUCTION: In this section, the author would describe (in 200 words or more) the background of the scenario/event/issue that (s)he has chosen. Again, it is completely left to the author to choose any scenario or event (s)he finds most interesting, and consider potential ways of making things better. For example, an author may consider global warming; local and international conflicts and wars; potentials ways future leaders could bring about rapid and sustainable developments; poverty reduction; etc.
WAY FORWARD FOR FUTURE LEADERS: This is, by far, the most important part of the essay. It should be targeted at proposing ways of making the world and/or any smaller community of humans (ranging from small towns to counties, and from states to countries and continents) a better place. Each essay is expected to identify and discuss ways youths could be better prepared to become leaders, and highlight specific (leadership-related) solutions to existing or foreseen public problems.

Active criticism of any government, establishment or individual, or directly mentioning a government's, an establishment's or an individual's name or any identification information is completely out of scope and not encouraged in anyway whatsoever. Please, see the Policies and Scopes of LeadershipGraphy for more information, and remember that you are responsible for the contents of any essay you submit.

It is expected that
each participants carefully read and completely understand the Conditions/Rules of the competition as well as the Policies and Scopes of LeadershipGraphy before entering for the competition at all.
each essay does not exceed 2500 words (excluding references and supplementary information). Succinct essays are often easier to read and understand.
all entries must be submitted electronically on our website online( http://leadershipgraphy.org/submit ). Submissions through email (say as attached files) will also be considered (but not recommended).
each entry be original work of the participant. Copying someone else's essay or contents of other materials such as internet pages is plagiarism. Plagiarism as well as any other form of academic dishonesty is highly discouraged. Co-authorship is allowed. An individual (or a group, or a combination of both) may also submit more than one entries.

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