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Development of novel Computational design methods for reduction of cavitation Impact

Important description
Two fully funded PhD studentships, which includes maintenance of up to 18000 GBP per year tax free and all tuition fees, are available for development of novel computational design methods based on 3D inverse design and automatic optimization for design of pumps under cavitating conditions in order to reduce cavitation erosion. The work is sponsored by Ebara Corporation of Japan.

Studentship Description
Cavitation has a significant effect on performance of many critical hydraulic machines such as rocket pumps, industrial and marine pumps, cryogenic pumps, hydraulic turbines and propellers. Significant progress has been made in our understanding and modelling of cavitation inception and head breakdown. More recently considerable research effort has gone into better understanding of cavitation erosion. Cavitation erosion puts a lower limit on the size of pump stages and hence affects the total cost of pumps. In many applications trade offs between cavitation requirement and pump stage performance results in reduction of efficiency of the pump stage and hence increase in CO2 emissions. Despite considerable effort in understanding cavitation erosion there has been little attempt to exploit this improvement in our understanding of erosion to improve the design of pump stage so that the effect of erosion is reduced.

Eligibility and other criteria
Minimum Academic Requirements: A very good first degree (equivalent to a UK first class honours degree) in a relevant discipline such as Engineering, Mathematics or Physics (a lower rated BSc with a Masters will not normally be accepted as the equivalent of a UK first class honours degree). Candidates must meet the University's English language requirements.

Application deadline
* March 15, 2014

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