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Doctoral Training in Synthetic Biology

Important description
The EPSRC & BBSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Synthetic Biology (SynBioCDT) is an exciting new collaboration between the Universities of Oxford, Bristol and Warwick. The programme will combine world-leading expertise in engineering and the physical and life sciences across all three Universities to create the next generation of industrial and academic leaders in this important new field. Synthetic Biology provides opportunities for revolutionary advances in fundamental science and industrial technology. The CDT's four-year programme of research and training has strong industrial links and will be highly multi-disciplinary, accepting students from a wide range of scientific backgrounds and focusing on the application of engineering principles to the design of biologically based parts, devices, and systems.

A major advantage of SynBioCDT is that students are not required to choose a PhD project until after the initial taught training phase, allowing a more informed choice to be made.

The first six months of the course are devoted to acquiring advanced theoretical and technical skills that form the backbone of Synthetic Biology, drawing from the engineering, mathematical, physical, chemical and biological sciences. This will be combined with research and communication skills training, through a combination of intensive lecture courses and project work.

After completion of the taught training, two Exploratory Research Projects of 10 weeks duration will be undertaken, at least one of which will be in the institution to which the candidate is admitted. The substantive PhD research project then follows, also based in the host institution.

Eligibility and other criteria
We invite applications from students with a wide range of academic backgrounds, including Engineering, Biology, Biochemistry, Physics, Plant Sciences, Chemistry, Statistics, Mathematics and Computing who have received, or are on target to achieve, a strong 2:1 degree or above. You can apply to SynBioCDT through the graduate admissions procedures at Oxford, Bristol or Warwick. By applying to SynBioCDT through one of these universities, you are identifying it as your preferred host institution. If you would also like to be considered for admission to any of the other collaborating universities, please indicate this in your research statement.

Application deadline
* Varies from program to program

Additional information, and important URL

Applicants are encouraged to submit a copy of an up to date CV for assessment before making a formal application for the programme.

For Oxford, this is at dtcenquiries@dtc.ox.ac.uk.

For Bristol, this is at biol-postgrad@bristol.ac.uk.

For Warwick, this is at wisb@warwick.ac.uk

Full studentships are available to home students. A limited number of studentships are available to EU and overseas students.

Deadlines vary depending of the host University of your choice. Please check our website for more details.


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