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Remote sensing of water properties using Raman spectroscopy

Important description
The project entails the use of Raman spectroscopy for remote sensing of water temperature, salinity and orgainic content as a function of depth, in coastal and inland waterways. There is presently no acceptable method for mapping subsurface temperature (or other) profiles, and developing this capability could have very high impact in the fields of environmental science and climate change.

Experiments will involve a combination of laboratory-based and field-based measurements, and techniques such as LIDAR, time-resolved measurements of low intensity light fields using photomultipliers, and multivariate analysis of Raman and fluorescence spectra will be utilised. The project is primarily an experimental one, however there is considerable scope for theoretical or numerical modelling studies. Examples include the modelling of underwater light fields and the analysis of lidar return signals to extract information about temperature, salinity, organic constituents, and particulates..

This project will suit a motivated student interested in optical physics, remote sensing, and Raman spectroscopy. Skills in experimental design, fieldwork, data analysis, statistical methods such as multivariate and regression analysis would be advantageous,

Eligibility and other criteria

Application deadline
* March 31, 2014

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Funding Notes:
The 2014 MQRES stipend is $25,392 pa tax exempt for 3 years. Apply immediately, however you must be able to demonstrate 1) strong academic performance and 2) research experience amounting to at least one year full time and/or peer-reviewed research activity. Please provide details of research outputs such as thesis abstract, conference or journal publications, internships or prizes/commendations. Further information can be found at http://www.hdr.mq.edu.au/information_about/research_degrees/applications

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