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Efficient modelling and optimization of advanced nano-plasmonic optical biosensors and markers

Important description
The aim of this project is to develop an efficient modelling technique for quantitative description, analysis, and optimization of advanced intracellular biosensors [1] and markers for research and therapy, by using optical resonances of metal nanoparticles (NPs). The technique will be based on the resonant state expansion (RSE), a new powerful theoretical method in electrodynamics and wave optics, recently invented and developed by the project supervisors [2]. The RSE will allow to produce a fast and accurate computational tool, overcoming the speed limitations of presently available methods, for the design and optimization of plasmonic NPs. This will enhance their development, fabrication, and use in biotechnology applications.
Specific goals of the project include:
(i) Determination of resonant states of NPs of arbitrary shape and composition and their perturbations by analytes;
(ii) Calculation of the absorption and scattering properties of NPs and their changes due to analytes;
(iii) Optimization of the sensitivity of plasmon NP-based biosensors and the absorption cross-section of markers.

This is an interdisciplinary project which links together theoretical physics, mathematics, computing, and biosciences. The major part of the project is theoretical and computational research, and will be performed in the condensed matter and photonics theory group in Cardiff, in collaboration with the Biophotonics experimental group led by Profs Langbein and Borri. There will be research visits to the industrial partner of the project BBInternational (Cardiff) and to the group of Prof Summers at Swansea to get training in the fabrication and applications of the NPs and to get a better understanding of the requirements to the modelling tool to be developed.

Eligibility and other criteria
European/UK Students Only

Application deadline
* 1 April 2014

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