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Name of scholarship/program

Italy : 29th cycle Ph.D. call-Politecnico di Milano

Important description
There are a number of scholarships available in Milan University, in many fields, you can look at the pdf files, in pdfs some places have been already reserved for foreigners grants, but you can apply in general category as well, and later you can choose for scholarship if you get offered from either general category or additional topics may be announced later in your field.So apply.

For more details:
http://www.ricerca . polimi.it/ fileadmin/ files/dottorato/ concorso29/ Bando_\
Dottorato_29_ ciclo_ENG_ .pdf
Scholarship :Varies from 1030 Euros per month to 1300 Euros per month depending on departments, Also some departments give foreigners extra housing fund also.
* By 2pm on 24th May 2013:
applications for admission to the PhD courses

* Between 10am on 19th June 2013 and 2pm on 26th June 2013:
the applicant may opt to compete for a topic scholarship

* Starting from 25rd July 2013:
rankings will be published

Eligibility and other criteria

Application deadline
*24 May, 2013

Additional information, and important URL

The fields are
http://www.ricerca .polimi.it/index.php?id=4731

* Aerospace Engineering
1 - Aerospace engineering
2 - Rotary Wing Aircraft

* Architecture, Built Environment and Construction Engineering
* Architectural, Urban and Interior Design
* Bioengineering
* Design
* Electrical Engineering
* Energy and Nuclear Science and Technology
* Environmental and Infrastructure Engineering
1 - Hydraulic
2 - Hydrology, hydraulic structures, water resources
3 - Environmental technologies
5 - Geomatics

* Industrial Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
* Information Technology
1 - Computer science and engineering
2 - Electronics
3 - Systems and control

* Management, Economics and Industrial Engineering
* Materials Engineering
* Mathematical Models and Methods in Engineering
* Mechanical Engineering
1 - Dynamics and vibration of mechanical systems and vehicles
2 - Machine and veichle design
3 - Manufacturing and Production systems
4 - Methods and tools for Product design
5 - Materials
6 - Measurements and experimental techniques
7 - Smart materials and structures

* Physics
1 - Laser Physics, Photonic devices and applications
2 - Solid state physics

* Preservation of Architectural Heritage
* Structural Seismic and Geotechnical Engineering
* Urban Planning, Design, and Policy

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