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Advanced Pressure Coring

Important description
A core sample, recovered from beneath the land or sea floor, is no longer in pristine condition, due to the enormous pressure change while moving it to the surface, from great depths to atmospheric conditions. As a result mechanical, physical, and chemical properties as well as living conditions for microorganisms of the deep biosphere are significantly altered.
To date, investigations of fundamental lithological issues have remained largely disconnected from applied proven studies using in-situ pressure drilling technologies, although the integration and correlation between the very diverse data sets of standard core measurement and pressure core data makes it difficult to extrapolate anything reliably beyond the borehole. In order to maintain the sediment structure, the gas hydrate stability, and the biochemical conditions, primarily temperature and pressure have to be conserved during the sequences of sampling, retrieval, transfer, storage and downstream analysis. Thus, pressure coring and sampling became an indispensable part of offshore expeditions during the last few years. The project will be based on the suite of research technologies developed by Berlin Technical University and European partners in the EU Projects HYACE and HYACINTH. The proposed construction concept aims for a routine industrial pressure core examination chamber that is cost-effective and interfaces easily with dedicated upstream tools for very different and specific scientific tasks. Specially designed connectors will allow the connection to different measurement systems in order to conduct the desired research work and will increase the flexibility and reliability of the system. The project will include:
-Design and manufacture of a long storage, transportation and investigation chamber (macro-vessel), certified for transportation by the means of international guidelines.
-Providing ports and sensors and/or monitoring devices for measurement of (geo)physical, chemical, geotechnical, and microbiological properties.

The successful applicant will have a first or upper second class degree (or equivalent) in applied mathematics, solid mechanics, engineering or materials science. Knowledge of vibration analysis; numerical modelling using MatLab, C++ or FORTRAN; Finite Element analysis using ABAQUS or ANSYS would be advantageous.

The other supervisors on the project are: Dr Maria Kashtalyan University of Aberdeen and Professor Wolfgang Muller (Berlin Technical University, Germany)

Eligibility and other criteria
If you have the correct qualifications and access to your own funding, either from your home country or your own finances, your application to work with this supervisor will be considered.

Application deadline
*Applications accepted all year round

Additional information, and important URL
Applications can be accepted from students worldwide. Applicants should note that there is no funding attached to this project therefore the successful candidate will entirely responsible for the payment of tuition fees, living expenses and other such costs associated with living and studying in Aberdeen.

The project will be awarded to the first suitable applicant. The start date will be agreed between the successful applicant and their supervisors.

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