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Name of scholarship/program

Using chemical genetics as a tool to explore nitrogen regulatory pathways in wheat development

Important description
A key aspect of the food security challenge is the need to improve the efficiency with which crops use nitrogenous fertilizers. Currently over 50% of the N fertilizer used globally by farmers is wasted, largely through leaching from the soil, with its resultant polluting effects on aquatic ecosystems. Nitrate, the main form of N available to roots, has a dual role as a nutrient and a signal molecule that regulates many important agronomic traits. It is hoped that a better mechanistic understanding of nitrate’s signalling role will lead to new approaches to improving crop N-use efficiency. In this PhD project, which will be carried out in partnership with Rothamsted Research, the candidate will apply a novel ‘chemical genetics’ approach to dissect the pathways that regulate shoot and root development in response to soil nitrate. The project will train the candidate in a valuable combination of techniques in plant biology and molecular genetics, as well as a range of innovative chemical genetics techniques, including high-throughput screening and the downstream validation of novel bioactive molecules.

Application process
Please upload a CV and a covering letter outlining your background and suitability for this project at LEC Postgraduate Research Applications, http://www.findaphd.com/common/clickCount.aspx?theid=43708&type=75&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.lec.lancs.ac.uk%2fpostgraduate%2fpgresearch%2fapply-online%3fphd_id%3d139"" target=""_blank"" rel=""nofollow""> http://www.lec.lancs.ac.uk/postgraduate/pgresearch/apply-online?phd_id=139 You also require 2 references, please send the reference form (download from http://www.findaphd.com/common/clickCount.aspx?theid=43708&type=75&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.lec.lancs.ac.uk%2fdocs%2fPG_Reference_Form.docx"" target=""_blank"" rel=""nofollow""> http://www.lec.lancs.ac.uk/docs/PG_Reference_Form.docx ) to your 2 referees and ask them to email it to Andy Harrod (http://www.FindAPhD.com/search/EmailEnquiry.aspx?fapjid=43708&LID=722&EA=lec.pg@lancaster.ac.uk"">lec.pg@lancaster.ac.uk ), Postgraduate Research (PGR) Co-ordinator, Lancaster Environment Centre by the deadline.

Due to the limited time between the closing date and the interview date, it is essential that you ensure references are submitted by the closing date or as soon as possible.

Please do not apply via the Lancaster University online application system.

For further information please read http://www.findaphd.com/common/clickCount.aspx?theid=43708&type=75&url=http%3a%2f%2fwww.lec.lancs.ac.uk%2fdocs%2fLECPG%2fPhD_Advert_BBSRC_2013_Forde.pdf"" target=""_blank"" rel=""nofollow""> http://www.lec.lancs.ac.uk/docs/LECPG/PhD_Advert_BBSRC_2013_Forde.pdf

Eligibility and other criteria
This research project has funding attached. Funding for this project is available to citizens of a number of European countries (including the UK). In most cases this will include all EU nationals. However full funding may not be available to all applicants and you should read the full department and project details for further information.

Application deadline
*17 May 2013

Additional information, and important URL

The studentships will provide an annual stipend (£13,726 2013/14 [tax free]) and UK/EU tuition fees for up to 4 years. A Research Training Support Grant (RTSG) is also provided to support the project and your training.

Full studentships are available to UK and EU candidates who have been ordinarily resident in the UK throughout the 3-year period immediately preceding the date of an award. EU candidates who have not been ordinarily resident in the UK for the last 3 years are eligible for ""tuition fees-only"" awards (no maintenance grant). Unfortunately studentships are not available to non-UK/EU applicants.

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