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LZC buildings and smart energy management for a zero-carbon motorsport circuit

Important description
Silverstone’s ambition is to reduce its carbon impact. Minimising or neutralising the effect that the business and its activities have on the environment will form a crucial commitment to the successful development of “Silverstone Valley” (including 6 million sq ft planned developments in the next 15 years). Silverstone aims to continue to be a focus for the global motorsport industry, delivering market leadership and increasing their credibility within the industry.

This research will investigate low and zero carbon (LZC) technologies for motorsport buildings/facilities and their performances at two interlinked stages, construction and operation. The project will contribute to Silverstone’s sustainability plans and outputs will include recommendations of LZC technologies for retrofit or new build projects and a demonstration system for smart energy monitoring and management. Associated outputs will include greatly improved insights into the energy use patterns and opportunities as well as methods specific to the unique challenges motorsport venues face for effective carbon reduction. It is here that there will be strong connection with the other, complimentary EngD, the “Roadmap to a low2zero carbon Silverstone”.

The Research Engineer (RE) will be based at Silverstone Circuits in Northants, with expensed travel to the University of Reading for attendance at taught courses and supervisory meetings. In addition you will be expected to present your research formally at the annual TSBE EngD conference, and also produce at least 2 papers for publication in refereed journals. These are considered evidence that the RE has generated significant contribution to knowledge, a requirement for award of the doctoral degree.

We are seeking self-motivated, ambitious applicants with an interest in motorsport. To qualify you will need a background in either HVAC engineering, mechanical or electrical engineering, physics, energy or similar physical and engineering sciences. Preference will be given to applicants with an MSc or a good degree (minimum 2:1 or higher) in a related field. You will need to be a good communicator with a drive to deliver the quality doctoral level research to organisations with global reputations.

Eligibility and other criteria
Please note there are eligibility requirements for more details refer to the EPSRC web site http://www.epsrc.ac.uk/PostgraduateTraining/StudentEligibility.htm

Application deadline
* 08 February 2013

Additional information, and important URL

4 year Package

• Stipend of £17,800 (£15,090 tax-free, funded by EPSRC)
• All tuition fees are included
• Expenses package included
• EngD awarded by the University of Reading

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