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Designing gating in microporous solids for selective gas adsorption

Important description
Research in the Wright group is dedicated to the synthesis and characterisation of novel microporous and mesoporous solids, and their application in adsorption and catalysis. The Wright group has specific expertise in the synthesis and characterisation of novel zeolite, zeotype and mesoporous solid materials that show unusual structures and accessible sites of potential application in chemisorption and catalysis.

This project aims for the design of microporous zeolitic and metal organic framework solids for selective gas adsorption. This will require novel materials synthesis, including using templating approaches and ligand design, structure solution and multi-technique characterisation, measurement of adsorption and in situ structure measurement. The aim is to control the interaction of adsorbed molecules (such as carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide) with so-called sentinel cations or functional groups at the window openings (see references 1 and 4). More advanced adsorption measurements for gas mixtures will be performed in collaboration with the Chemical Engineering department at Edinburgh.

Potential applicants are welcome to arrange to visit St Andrews at any time. Please see: http://ch-www.st-andrews.ac.uk/PGadmissions.html for the application procedure or e-mail chempg@st-andrews.ac.uk for more information

Eligibility and other criteria
(European/UK Students Only)
This research project has funding attached. Funding for this project is available to citizens of a number of European countries (including the UK). In most cases this will include all EU nationals. However full funding may not be available to all applicants and you should read the full department and project details for further information.

Application deadline
Applications accepted all year round

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Industrial funding also available

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